VOIP & Telecoms.

In a world that is fast becoming almost exclusively digital, it makes sense to move your telecoms online too. VoIP uses internet technology (SIP) to allow you to manage all of your telephony on the internet. The result is more reliable and much cheaper telecommunications solutions.

What can VoIP do for you?.

VoIP telephony is entirely cloud-based with all the features of SIP. With VoIP, you can easily manage a comprehensive and intelligent telephony system – including such features as voicemails to your email, music on hold and call divert – and additional lines is a doddle, meaning telecoms won’t be a worry when it’s time to expand your business.

How can CSE Vitman help?

Here at CSE Vitman, we have a team of expert, fully-trained technicians to help you with all your VoIP for business needs, from installation right through to staff training and on-going maintenance. We can provide you with licenses, handsets and comprehensive training as well as complete your VoIP installation and provide competitively priced telecoms packages for business.

Line rental will soon be a thing of the past

By 2025, traditional telephone line rentals will be obsolete, and all UK businesses will be required to use new network-based telephony services. If you’re not already using VoIP or SIP, the transition may be difficult. But the benefits of VoIP telephony services far outweigh the drawbacks.