Hosted Desktop.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Basically, it is being able to access your desktop computer from anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection. All your files, data, applications are held in the cloud meaning you can remotely access whatever you need whilst being safe in the knowledge that your important information is being managed by specialist IT guys and stored in a high security data centre

Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

  • Eliminate the cost and aggravation of buying, running and maintaining your own server.
  • Your data is backed up automatically in high security and carefully controlled ISO20071 UK data centres.
  • Real time back up to secondary data centre that is regularly tested ensuring they work (people are often caught out by this and lose their data, even when they think they were backed up).
  • Complete control over what employees can access and set accessibility on a per user basis.
  • Automatic updates ensure you are always running the latest software and applications, protecting you and
    your files.
  • Experience little to no downtime where the system is unavailable; CSE provide 99.9% uptime for all
    cloud services.
  • Employees have access to everything they need wherever they need it and on any device
  • Keep using your business applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and Sage.
  • It’s on demand. You can set up accounts for new users and order more storage space as and when required.
  • It’s lightning fast. We’re talking minutes.